Center for Architecture & Urban Design Los Angeles
Spring 2015 | Instructor: Maria Esnaola

Drawing from the “nodes of experience” of the site analysis, the project is proposed as a fair/carnival with different points of attraction related to different required programs through out the entire habitable bridge. A light-weight fabric tensile roof structure is used to unify the different nodes under one condition. The project also acts as an icon to the LA skyline, providing a point of attraction in and of itself.

As Boyle Heights is a school district, the more educational and permanent part of the bridge is located on that side, such as the library, auditorium and classrooms. The side of the bridge on the Arts District will host the museum and cafe/retail shops, which reflect the vibrant qualities of the neighborhood. A flexible floor plan is seen through multiple levels, allowing for different uses. Temporary structures can also be erected should events with more required privacy take place.

1/8"-1' section model from wood & metal chains

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